Jack Boots in America - Crime or Terrorism?

The Chronicle for our jack booted law enforcement who insist they are Gods. Law enforcement was created by the people and for the people, NOT to create a police state. The other disturbing trend is more criminal activity is being portrayed as "terrorism", or being filed under the guise of the Patriot Act.

Friday, March 30, 2007

oops, we are the jackboot brigade and we bungled another warrant...

Yet again, another example of our men in blue dressed down in riot gear serving a warrant. Didn't they surveil the house "just a little"? If you are going to serve a warrant in FULL RIOT GEAR there should be some kind of protocol to do some surveillance first and make sure the people in question are actually there.

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jackboots of the future - Death Squad in Delaware

"An Iraq veteran who served two tours is gunned down by a militarized police force---in the US of A! Why be surprised? We spend approximately 50% of the total worldwide outlays for military expenditures. Do you really think a civilized, peace-loving republic would countenance such a state of affairs?"

Take a look at this article. It has several main stream media references, and is well written. It is about an Iraq war vet basically surveilled and murdered for some reason.

Although these militarized police events are limited to large areas like Virginia, Florida, Texas, etc, they are slowly progressing to a police state throughout the country. This is a really good example about what I have been talking about. The police have absolutely no reason, authority, or should never become this violent. This type of story goes well beyond police duties, and into the realm of assassination with prejudice.

Stick this together with the many “S.W.A.T.” team raids for simply warrants, and you have yourself some pretty deadly situations.


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